Products Academy
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Hi there.

If you’re itching to earn some extra income to help you pay off your car or mortgage... go on that dream holiday or even quit your gruelling 9 to 5 job so you can spend precious time with your family… then this could be the most important letter that you’ve ever read.


For a Very small investment you can get privileged access to a brand new, unique, opportunity that could be paying off that loan, or giving you your first steps towards REAL financial freedom, in just days from now.

Now… if you’ve been around the online marketing scene for any time You’ll Know That The Majority Of The Stuff That ‘Peddled’ To You Is...
complete ‘fly by night’ garbage
These things are sold by people with little
interest in your needs or your future,
only their own…

It’s almost as though they're like a swarm of blood-sucking vampires coming after your wallet and your precious time… purely for their own gains.

I’m sure you know how frustrating it can be trying to achieve your dreams of a life of freedom, but the sad truth is – you’re just being pushed further and further away from it by these ‘snake oil salesman’ with their claims of ‘push button riches…and overnight success…

…as they greedily and selfishly devour all your hard earned cash.

…and all You’re left with is that sickening feeling of overwhelm, disappointment and an embarrassingly
empty bank account.

Now if this resonates with you and you’re still struggling to bring in the money online…

…it’s not because you’re lazy or lacking in ability or haven’t the skills you need… but because you’ve not been given access to what the market really needs -- the products and system YOU need…

…the same products and system which are making millions for people right now.

…and it’s because of this that you get drawn in to all this trash that these Gurus peddle…

…trash which just leaves you even more overwhelmed and out of pocket…

…and at worst case – ready to quit.

Well, if you’ve fallen victim to this, please understand that it’s not your fault
If the GURUs were to reveal how they really made their money then -- that would be giving their secrets away
and YOU would become serious competition to them.
However, the truth is…
It’s actually quite easy to make money online.
All you really need is the right kind of system.
and access to the right Niche Products.

The Niche Products industry is a multi-million dollar business and, once you get access to the tools you need, you can make a KILLING with a passive income online, and still have time to spend with your family and loved ones.

There are plenty of marketers making serious cash online, and living the true internet lifestyle – a passive income AND having the time to travel and spend with their family.

I’m sure that you’re aware of marketers like:
Frank Kern
Russell Brunson
Ryan Diess
… all who make Millions upon Millions of dollars every year simply by
selling information products online...

And the Millionaires that I am rubbing shoulders with are no different… They just like
to keep out of the public eye… however they are still raking in millions every month.

The Reason Why The They’re Are Making Such Very Large Sums Of Money Online
Is Because They’re Using The Simplest Of Businesses.

A simple system to buy, and to sell, their
‘Done For You In-Demand’ Niche Products.

Now… to be honest, using this system is a great business model to get into, however, there is one gigantic problem… One Gigantic.


There’s one thing stopping you from joining them. You see, what’s always been the barrier that stops the average person in the street from getting their hands on these products is NOT just that they CAN’T afford the licences to one of these products which the major players pay up to $32,000 for.

NO – The Real Problem
Is That They Just DON’T Have Access To The Suppliers Of
These Products to FUEL THEIR BUSINESS.
The ‘Inner Circle’ Access To
Wholesalers Like Me...

And that’s because you either don’t know we exist or you’ve not found a way to access the secret behind closed doors meetings… where we make these deals.

This is a Major obstacle which I can tell you no one else in the business tells you about.

Yes, they do tell you how to develop your own product and how to market other people’s products and point you at cheap low quality resell rights sites that churn out the same poor quality trashy products in to the marketplace.

But, they Don’t tell you Where they are actually getting Their
Niche products from… the products they’re making Millions from.
And that’s because, and I’m divulging a secret here – ITS PRETTY MUCH A CLOSED SHOP!
The guys making Millions of Dollars a year from the products they’re buying NEVER pass on their suppliers details.
Or the system they’re using to sell them…
And this system saves you all the hard work of research,
product creation and any other ‘roadblocks’
which other would be marketers are struggling with...

Now the reason why I know that they’re doing it is because I’ve been at the centre of a SECRET I’m going to let you in on… in a minute. This is a SECRET you’ve never been told about before…

…You see, I’ve partnered with an influential Product Creators who These Guru Millionaires, and Multi-Millionaires come to get their ON-DEMAND NICHE PRODUCTS which they are reselling to make their fortunes.

My partner is paid a hefty sum by these gurus to research these products and the websites that sell them…

… in fact up to $18,000 A TIME!

However, as you may have not heard of me before, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jonathan Oshevire am a product Creator and Entrepreneur and Broker of on demand niche products.

Here are some pictures of me hanging out with Internet Millionaires.

My Partners are professional wholesalers and Brokers of On-Demand Niche-Products – which are usually sold though little automated websites by the Gurus that buy and sell them.
There are actually Millions Of Dollars Worldwide
changing hands every week,
in what’s a HUGE BUSINESS.

Am the guy who supplies the products to the individuals, who you keep
reading about, the individuals raking in personal fortunes.

Products that they DON’T have to keep in stock.
Customers that they DON’T have to Deal with Face to Face.
Products They DON’T even duplicate or post themselves to their customers.
My partners are the suppliers that they DON’T tell you about in any of their $4,000 seminars or $997.00 Online courses…
  • …in any of their Home Study Courses…
  • …or in their behind closed doors private meetings…
  • …or write about in any of their training manuals.

But, my partners with quite a bit of arm twisting and gentle encouragement, agreed to give some home-based-entrepreneurs ‘under the radar’ access to these ready-made on-demand little cash machines… without having to pay the thousands of Dollars that they usually sell for.

In short, I’m going to hand these little ‘Money Makers’ over to a
VERY LIMITED number of Home-Based Entrepreneurs
and not release them to any of the ‘Big Boy’ Guru’s...

The reason why I’m willing to do this… and even supply you with the step-by-step method of how to make at least $20,000 to $30,000 a month from them – COMPLETELY FREE… I’ll explain in a moment.

Remember, as I say, I’m one of those guys that these Millionaires come to in order to get their products…

…Which is why YOU NEVER GET THE On Demand Niche PRODUCTS that the Millionaires are getting hold of and exceeding amounts of $150,000 a month.

Whilst the wholesalers and resellers like myself DON’T contact members of the public… Much like the same way as shops by all their goods in from wholesalers but the wholesalers do not open shops themselves… and do not go direct to the public… It’s the same here.

However, today I’ll go outside the ‘Millionaire’s closed shop’
if you can do a small favour for me then:-)
EACH MONTH for a year, I’’ give you access to…
One Of These $20,000 - $30,000
On-Demand Niche Products!
THREE ‘DVD’ SETS Of Online Videos – in MP4 format, professionally mastered to make online video versions of each DVD
$4067.61 Value
Your own Personal private digital members area
where you can access your products every month.
$497.00 Value
I’ll Provide You With The Little One Page Automated Websites That Go With Them
$297.00 Value (each)
I’ll NOT release them to ANY of the major players. Furthermore. I have a really, really great way to ensure there is virtually zero competition for any product you decide to use anyway.
And I’ll give you the step-by-step instructions showing you how to drive hordes of hungry buyers to your website using social media
(which will generate thousands in cash and cheques through either the post and/or online… basically all you need to do is follow the simple steps and the website will do the rest).
You’ll get even more (read on to see) but in essence I’ll give you :-)
Let me introduce you to…
“6 Figure Insiders Club”
Because it’s so easy to earn 6 figures ‘lightning fast’ using this system.

OK Jonathan. Why are you willing to do all this for me?

Well there are actually two reasons and as I indicated, both involve a favour I’d like you to do for me in return.

Firstly, when you have pulled in $20.000-$30,000 A MONTH from these websites and products. Would you be willing to write me a testimonial. A reference that I can use in my marketing in a years time?

Why? Because I am actually working on a major project myself which I aim to release later in the year, which I’ve been working on for over 8 months now...

As part of that project I aim to have a number of testimonials from individuals like yourself who are making $300.000 P.A. Incomes from the products and automated websites that I’m supplying.

The second reason is tied to the first. Other than being a broker and wholesaler of niche products, which is what My Partner and I do for a living… and a great living at that I may add…

…I will be really busy setting up the major project I’ve just mentioned. So with this in mind I thought of something that will benefit both of us.

From the niche product packs with their ready-made little automated one-page websites which you’ll have access to through this offer, you’ll build up a good customer list who I know are going to be ideal for my future major projects that I’ve got coming up.

I’d like to have use of this customer list when the project’s finished. Indecently, you DON’T of course have to do this, it’s not obligatory, although when you see what I have in mind, I certainly think you’ll want to.

You see, I will offer them my new higher priced product to your email list – which is going to be priced at around $5,997.00 – and when your customers buy:

I’ll Send You Half The Money!

A kind of joint venture between the two of us on a 50:50 basis. In other words, I’LL DO ALL THE WORK! I’ll do the mailing… set up the web site… arrange for the product to be produced and duplicated… pay for the artwork of covers and other materials… deal with your customers… process orders etc. In fact I’LL CARRY ALL THE COSTS… EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!

All you need to do is offer it to your new list of customers...

So let’s say I get just 50 SALES AT $5,997.00 EACH. Well that’ll mean YOU GET $2,998.00 FOR EACH ONE! Or to put it another way, I’D BE DEPOSITING $2,998.00 IN TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT as a commission. And you, remember, would have done NOTHING for this other than use your new list. Your costs for this $2,998.00 would have been ZERO! While I get $2,998.00 I would never have got.

In short, it’s a win-win situation.

Incidentally, I DON’T want to do this with the major millionaires. It’s a completely NEW and DIFFERENT product for a start. Besides, they wouldn’t be interested to be honest because although $2,998.00 may sound a lot, it’s nothing compared to the joint ventures they often do between each other.

For instance, I know that the ones they do amongst themselves often see them splitting $150,000,000.00 to $3,000,000.00 between them.

And as they can ONLY mail their own lists so many times, otherwise they’d ‘Overcook’ their business, which isn’t wise. Pretty obvious I suppose.

If they’ve only got one or two joint ventures to work on each year they’ll obviously go for the ones between themselves which could make them an extra Million and a half bucks, NOT the ones that would make them an extra $150.000 - $300,000.

OK so let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get with . . .
Product Academy’s
Six-Figure Insider's Club…
A Brand New Hot Ready to Go
On-Demand Niche Product...
‘DVD’ Set (online MP4 Video)- YOU can sell for a profit …. And That’s EVERY MONTH!!!

And I’ll do this for a full 12 months so by the end of the year you’ll have 12 On-Demand Niche Products that could be making you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!!

All AUTOMATED… all targeted around

By the way, I should just point out here that it doesn’t matter if you know NOTHING about the subject matter of any of the training videos… or even if you’ve get ZERO INTERST in them… it doesn’t matter whatsoever.

None of the Millionaire and Multi- Millionaire niche traders who get their products from my brokership really know much, if anything at all about the subject of the products that they make their Millions on.

But what they do is simply take one of my types of products… A HOT NICHE MARKET… and match it up with the individuals already looking to buy that type of product. Which is why IT’S SO SIMPLE… AND SO EASY… to make money as you’ll see in a moment.

And there’s no need to because you can use a simple little one-page website to do the selling silently for you. Whist the products themselves have been put together by specialists in those particular areas.

For example, one which has
just been developed,
I’ve researched and brokered a WORLDWIDE deal
for is this On Demand Set Of 4 Brand-New Golf DVD’s.

Now one of the reasons that the individuals making MILLIONS from products like this come to brokers like me is not just because I access brand new products… but because I fully research them and release them just at the right time… exactly when that niche is red hot.

For instance, in the case of this Brand New Niche Golf Set according to my research there were 649,238 SEARCHES on terms containing the word.

… now that’s NOT per month I might add… or even per week…

That’s 649.238 SEARCHES EVERY DAY!
Or to put it another way :-)

And looking at the trends of searches online for the term ‘golf’… as I do as a wholesaler and broker to ensure my Millionaire clients get the best on-demand products available which are not just hot but VIRTUAL NO BRAINER’ MONEY MAKERS.

So now is a good time to get, what is in effect, a ready-made online business, into your hands now so you can be ready to cash in with your first project from me, when that tidal wave of demand hits…

($97-$247.00 EACH. )

And if you aren’t aware, the profits on these niche products are HUGE , which is why there is so much money to be made in this business. For example, typically these niche sets will sell...

However, these cost you nothing to reproduce… as the videos are already made in MP4 format ready for your customers to use.

So… let’s just say 3 sets trickle through in sales per week. In this scenario that would mean that this one little automated site… of which you have virtually NOTHING to do… with products you DON’T even have to deal with… and with customers you NEVER see or talk to… would be providing you with around $14,040.00 A YEAR IN PROFITS!

But remember, the golf market is COLOSSAL! There are, as I’ve said, 4 ½ MILLION SEARCHES EVERY WEEK on golf related items.

So, if you get that up to a mere 1 online video set a day
(remember your website will be open for business 24 hours a day)
you’d pocket a cool $32.760.00 PROFIT PER YEAR!

But remember, I’m trying to be conservative here. I’m talking really about trickle of sales, but it’s not uncommon for my clients to sell THOUSANDS OF SETS. When one of my clients first did this himself, for example, he sold about 3,000 sets of a niche product at $147 per set in just a few weeks. +

In other words, he had
$441,000.00 pouring in...

However, let’s be cautious and say your little automated niche product web site is making you an extra, say, just $20,000 profit a year. Now that’s not a bad income considering you don’t have to hardly do anything.

However, what if you didn’t just have one site of their LITTLE NICHE MARLET CASH MACHINES but several?? With EACH one centred around a DIFFERENT hot niche product and catering for the needs of DIFFERENT ‘hungry crowds’ of people? And what if EACH MONTH you had one BRAND NEW hot niche product complete with website?

In other words, one new LITTLE ‘NICHE MARKET CASH MACHINE EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR? In fact, just imagine making over $20,00 PROFIT A YEAR from 12 different product sources, EACH one working silently for you in the background! Each one AUTOMATED and capable of depositing money on your account at 365 days a year!

…making what could have been just a $20,00 a year profit into a spare time profit of $4,615.00 PER WEEK

Not a bad income when, as I’ve pointed out, you consider these are products you DON’T have to stock or handle… products you DON’T have to ship… and customers you DON’T have to deal with or speak to. It’s all done silently. Further more, I’ll be sending you something which will show you how to turn this kind of business in to incomes of up to $1,000,000 A YEAR as other individuals I supply such products achieve.

Let’s go over in more detail and explain the second Item you’re getting today and then each month…

Automated One Page Web Site

How about if EACH MONTH, you had not just access to one BRAND NEW not niche product, but the AUTOMATED ONE PAGE WEB SITE to sell each one too?

Well that’s exactly what I’ll be doing for you because along with a Brand New Fully Researched Niche Product I’ll give you ‘back door’ access to each month. I’m also going to supply you with a SECOND MONTHLY PACKAGE :-)

12 Full Professional On-Demand
Niche Product Websites.


All aimed at ‘hot’ little niche that you can tap into not just here in the UK… but WORLDWIDE!

For instance, as you know one example being your own new GOLF Website which can be up and running for you WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving your first on-demand ready-made business pack. Little Niche Cash Machines, as I like to call them, which also include ADDITIONAL INCOME SOURCES and how to make money from them.

By the way, as I pointed out before DON’T WORRY about not knowing what to do at this stage, because I’m going to send you a complete business-in-a-box kit COMPLETELY FREE which will help you to take these on-demand products, like this Golf one, and turn them into automated incomes of $20,000-$30.000 PER MONTH!

As I pointed out, remember,

It doesn’t matter if you know NOTHING about the subject matter of any of the DVD sets or EVEN if you’ve got ZERO INTEREST in them.

None of the individuals making their fortunes from niche products really know much, if anything at all, about the content of the products that make their money from.

All they do is simply take one of my type of products… A HOT NICHE MARKET… and match it up with individuals already looking to buy through that type of product.

But it could be anything from a:
Product Website.
A Soccer Based Niche
Product Website…
A Paintball-Based Niche Product Website…
A Body-Building Niche Product Website…
A travel-Based Niche
Product Website…
A Health-Based Niche
Product Website…
A Snowboarding based
Niche Product Website.
A Pet-Based Niche
Product Website…
A UFO-Based Niche
Product Website…
A Hypnosis-Based Niche Product Website…
A Meditation / yoga based Niche Product Website…
A Dating Based Niche
Product Website…
But regardless, just imagine Niche Product Web sites like these ALL AUTOMATED… ALL making you money 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depositing money into your bank account almost on AUTO-PILOT when you’re asleep… when you’re down the gym… when you’re sipping champagne as you fly high above the Atlantic… when you’re sipping cocktail on an exotic beach in the Indian Ocean.

But of course, the KEY to this is having the RIGHT niche products…. The products those Millionaire on-demand marketers never tell you about in their seminars or home study courses.

The kind of products they are supplied with by wholesalers and brokers like myself. And the kind of products they’d happily pay between $5,000-$25,000 for to secure the Worldwide licences to.

Which Brings me to the NEXT PACKAGE…

Facebook Training

The Facebook training is crucial for you to get sales. The People that attended this training paid over £1000 and today you’ll have immediate access so that you can go and drive traffic to your sites.

You will also get access today to our
comprehensive Facebook training

We want you to be able to Drive Traffic To Your Mini Website and this comprehensive Facebook training will show you how to do just that! You will never have to worry about How To Get TRAFFIC To Your Mini Websites, the websites will do the selling for you.

The Facebook training is crucial for you to get sales. The People that attended this training paid over £1000 and today you’ll have immediate access so that you can go and drive traffic to your sites.

There are millions of people that will buy these niched DVD sets and Facebook advertising is the best way you can target them.

Today and then Each month you’ll receive…

Product Academy Software

Mobile Lead – Mobile lead enables you to build your list without your prospects having to put in a name and email address. All this can happen from the world’s largest platform Facebook.

In the coming months you also receive software that will help you get your videos more exposure… To be used for the business and make your sales go viral...
Great software titles such as:
Video X:

This is an amazing software which you will receive next month. Since you have a variety of video assets to sell, put Video x on your website and see your sales double. Video x gives the website visitor an option, the more options you provide the more you’ll hit what their looking for, when they click on the option they want, they are taken to a site where they can buy the product.

Amazing software can’t wait for you to see this in action.

Video Neoss:

The fantastic content locker to FORCE people to share your videos before they can watch them – meaning more traffic, more sales, more money and profits for your business).

Video Drill:

A great bit of software that uses the awesome power of You Tube ads to drive traffic to your offers… Rather than trying to find suitable videos to target one by one. You can use The Data from Video Drill To Create A Profit Pulling Ad, That Guarantees Higher Conversions Than The Usual Shot-In-The-Dark Targeting You Set Up Manually in YouTube.

These are the type of software you should expect receive, the type that will pull in profits for your business every single month...
Then you’ll receive…
Social Media Marketing eBook

One Social Media Marketing ebook to make Getting Traffic a breeze...

How to ‘Get All the Traffic You’ll Ever Need From Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and more...

To get those all-important customer’s eyeballs on your ‘No Brainer’ offer. Getting traffic is one of the number one things that holds marketers up from making money – However, with this step-by-step information, you’ll never ever worry about traffic again…

This monthly training focuses on Social Media and is the hottest and most efficient training on the market today.

Monthly Marketing Magazine News

Packed with Amazing Articles and Magazine Tips and Tricks to 10 X your Business. This will keep you on top of the latest marketing trends and news – ensuring you feel confident that your business is positioned right where it will make the most money, amongst the latest trends and important events.

This Magazine is Packed with Amazing Articles and Magazine Tips and Tricks to accelerate your Business

By keeping up with the latest trends and breaking news – you can relax knowing you’ll always have the latest industry updates at the click of a mouse – saving time and energy searching ‘in the dark’ on your own.

Worldwide Lifetime

Worldwide Licence For EVERY Niche-Product With Web Site I Supply You With…

In addition to brand new ready-made niche product package a month… which I’ve selected and brokered and which, remember, I will not offer to any of the major players…

And in addition to the monthly Website package
to accompany each of those niche products
with instructions of how to profit from them…

EACH MONTH you’ll also receive the WORLDWIDE LIFETIME licence for EACH product. This not only protects you… none of the major players can copy them…

It basically gives you the authority and freedom to sell as many copies of the produst covered by each licence as you wish.


There Are...
NO ROYALTIES for you to pay…
NO COMMISSION for you to pay.

The niche-products you’ll be able to profit from via the websites, will be YOUR products to do almost what you please. In other words, YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFITS!

Now before I move on I’d lke to say a word about these particular Worldwide licences. Please understand that these are VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

And they are VERY VALUABLE.

In many ways they ARE your business. So please DON’T confuse these with ‘licences’ to products which you may have been offered before which are really just scraps of paper not worth a thing.

I’m talking GENUINE licences to GENUINE products.
And a licence which gives you the right to basically own a brand new product and offer it almost however you wish, is a valuable commodity.
Which is why those Millionaires I mentioned are happy to pay often $35.000 to $25,000 for a licence Remember it’s not the licence its self that’s worth the money, but what it represents. Much the same as you could hold a PREMUIM BOND CERTIFICATE for say $5,000. The paper it’s written on isn’t worth $5,000 but what that bond represents is.
So please treat your licence with the same value and care as you would a Premium Bond. As the licence will NOT be re-issued should you lose it.
Remember, it is a VALUABLE DOCUMENT Which will be made SOLELY IN YOUR NAME and which I suggest you keep somewhere secure like a FIRE PROOF SAFE if you have one.
The same is true of the FOURTH PACKAGE you’ll receive each month:-
And Finally, You’ll Receive
Product Academy Agency
Start you own agency! With Product Academy Agency, you can offer another type of service that’s in high demand
(Social Media Services and Professional Lead Magnet Creation).

You can charge clients a higher amount each and every month. The cool thing about offering this service is you don’t have to do any of the work, you can easily outsource the work.

Services You Can Offer
There are number of services you can perform as part of the Agency. First you can manage other people Social Media Accounts or you can create a Brand New Website or Update an existing one that looks outdated.
There are millions of businesses out there that need help managing their social media company pages. This could be on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter or Instagram.

Business owners do not have the time to post articles and maintain a Fan page. This is a huge market and requires social media experts.

Products Academy Agency recognises this market and is ready to serve them. This is where you come in, you’re going to use Product Academy’s resources to go out there and get your own clients and charge whatever you want and keep 100% of whatever you made.

And don’t worry, you won’t have to do any of the work yourself, am going to show you a step by step guide of how to get these types of clients and where you can outsource all the work and you get to keep 80% of the profit.

This is the type of service that you can charge anything from $2000- $5000 depending on the work and the client’s needs.
Another unique service you can offer businesses is to create their lead magnet, I’ve only seen a few successful services do this and I know it’s a winner because I do it myself.
As part of the agency, each month am going to send you professionally designed ebook themes. What you need to do is message blog owners and ask them whether they want their best blog turned into a ebooks, offer them a deal, say you can do 4 ebooks of their best blogs for $199. You going to show them the themes first.

Once they agree, you outsource the work for like $35 - $40 and keep the rest as profit. So simple, but look at it from the point of view of the blog owners, they now have 4 professionally Designed eBooks they can use to build their email list or sell for much more than $199.
This is a real winner, like I said only few people
are doing this right now and it’s a great service to offer...
there are millions and millions of blog owners out there so you’ll never run out of clients.
What You Get As Part Of The…
Product Academy Agency
social media manager
Training Course
Power point Presentation
Marketing Documents
How You Present The Documentation All Matters.
When you approach a client, and negotiate a deal or talk to a prospect, you need to appear professional. Product Academy Agency gives you all the marketing materials and documents you need approach a prospect or existing clients.
You’ll receive a number of professional documents you need to be able approach new clients.
  • Getting A Team Together Guide
  • Social Media Services Templates
  • What We Need From The Client
  • Proposal Template
  • Basic Social Media Strategy Template
  • Customer Retention Guide
  • Terms and Conditions For Client
  • And So Much More...

bonus 1
With each niche product set
I will also include 2 very professionally developed and produced HIGH QUALITY MASTER versions.
*I STRONGLY SUGGEST You Keep One Of The Two Master Copy Sets SECURE And Kept In A SAFE If At All Possible.
You will receive MASTER ARTWORK for CD covers etc. Perfect of your customers want to make ‘Hard Copies’ of the training videos to work on away from the computer.
  • Every detail has been addressed so it’s not just the product which has been filmed and / or written and developed for instance…
  • and the website sales page which is READY-TO-GO complete with sales text…
  • and the Worldwide Licence in your name…
  • because I literally sort out everything for you down to the last detail/ The Title of the Online Video product for instance,
  • design of covers, colours, labels -- Video / CD label design, graphics, photographs – EVERYTHING!!!
In short, NO huge expense for you to even produce the artwork… or pay for design…I’ll pick up the costs for all Master Artwork.
PLUS, you’ll receive the RIGHTS, despite this, to change and aspect of the artwork.
for example, you might want to re-title the product and/or put your name,
web address or contact details on a CD cover for instance.
You’ll get SECRET ACCESS through the back door if you like, to the products which those Multi-Millionaires you read about only usually have access to.
Access into a world which is generally just a closed shop which the gurus never tell you about, but which you have to be banking a million Plus just to get in…
And as I said earlier, though you have the Masters you DON’T have to handle the products yourself, stock them or even distribute them.

All you have to do is log in to your members area and everything will be waiting for you ready to sell… as I’ve done ALL the hard work for you.

That’s what makes this business so exciting. Others are basically doing all the work for you.


Which is why you can literally run the entire business from a simple laptop… and from almost anywhere in the World.
Once you’re a member of the:
Six-Figure Insider's Club"
And DON’T WORRY… it’s very easy to make money from these automated websites… your little automated cash machines Remember, I do it myself and My Partner supplies the major players so I know precisely what they do too.

Indeed, once set-up they virtually run themselves anyway leaving you with some really easy admin work to do and not much more.

For instance, a beginner client of mine, he just set it up (which is a matter of ‘fill in the blanks’ process and clicking a mouse button… snapped the laptop shut… walked away and left it quietly ticking away checking it only a couple of times a day or so.

About 5 days later, he went back, fired up the laptop and found $6,876.59 had moved into his online account…

…He then logged off and left it for another 3 days before firing it up again to check and this time another $9.873,18 had been deposited into his account by my little automated website and he’d done virtually NOTHING for it.

Actually, even when he leaves his computer well alone for days and doesn’t check in at all. I know his business will be quietly ticking away in the background.

He knows that some website or other is quietly making him money WITHOUT the need for any day to day input. And it’s doing this while he sleeps, while he eats, while he goes for a beautiful walk with his family in the countryside.

What’s more, once you know how to do this it can take as little as 20 MINUTES to set up… and can be left quietly ticking away while you go off shopping… for a round of golf… or go away for a week… whatever you like to do.

OR of course you can put in a bit more “work” to multiply your profits at a “click of a button” whenever you feel like it. You can set up one little automated niche website… or others… go back and tweak them… or just leave them ticking away as they are, happily depositing cash in to your account.
Exactly how this is done is covered in the Product Academy Training which I remember I’m including COMPLETELY FREE !!

And as I said, and as you’ll find out from this Product Academy Training Package, there’s nothing complicated. You DON’T have to know anything about websites or any other technical stuff… I don’t know much myself and I can tell you some of the individual making their fortunes with this type of niche product sites know absolutely nothing. In fact, if you can click a mouse button you can do this.

So, don’t concern yourself because your Product Academy Training will clearly show you the precise step-by-step instructions to turning on the on-demand niche products and their automated websites in to £20,000 - £30,000 per Month incomes.
It is a very simple business in fact.
As you’ll also see from the package:
Because as a private Client of mine you will have direct access to me, you will have
NO products to develop.
NO CD’s to have recorded…
NO manuals to write or have written.
I have hundreds of product developer contracts across the world who come to me first. Or I commission one of my contacts to create products and normally they are then bought off me by the major UK Millionaire publishers. However, as I’ve said, now for the first time, you have a rare opportunity of getting ready-made, brand new niche products complete with web site direct from me too.
In fact, there’s no real selling for you to do of any kind as it’s all done silently by your one-page website.

You never meet your customers or really deal with them in fact.
There’s NO Office needed as this is nearly all run online you don’t need an office. You can just work from your home in a spare room or anywhere in the house really. Your kitchen, your living room… or even your garden in the Summer. And that’s because it can all be done from your laptop or one of those lightweight tablets, or tablet-phones, that you can buy for around $300.00 if you haven’t got one already (or of course from your PC).

In fact, you can run this from anywhere in the world. If you enjoy traveling like I do you’ll love the fact that this is a business you can carry around on your laptop and take anywhere in the world. Just plug in… log on… and you can be making money.

And when you’re finished, you can just snap it shut again, You can literally run this little idea from a beach, café or just sitting by the pool.
I just do it on my laptop in a spare room, start about 9 am and am usually finished for the entire day by 11 am. You can start at 1 pm and finish at 3pmOr work in the evenings if you prefer.

Whatever suits your particular lifestyle. You’ll love this aspect of the business because it puts you in total control.

If there’s something you’d prefer to be doing, you can do it. If you simply just don’t feel like working any particular day, then you don’t. If you want your weekend to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday, then you can do that. It’s your choice. Start from when you want… finish when you want.
Because this can all be run from an automated one-page web site, risks almost don’t exist. And because you can work on this in the time that suits you, you can run this in your spare time before walking away from your current job if you want.
That’s how I started, just doing a bit in the evenings until the income was getting so big I was earning more in a month than in 2-3 years working 9-5. So if you want to start slowly to prove it to yourself, do that. But I’m sure it won’t be too long before you’ve left the 9-5 job behind for good.
In short, there’s NO guesswork involved…
NO hard brainwork needed.
Sounds good? Well it’s no Dream…
  • You can use the profits you make to move abroad to the country of your dreams, with a beautiful home or Villa complete with swimming pool and sea view. (Imagine how liberated and free you will feel away from the daily grind).
  • Or how about a nice 5 or 6 bedroomed detached house with a
  • couple of acres of grounds. A house all furnished with the most expensive and luxurious fixtures and fittings. (The neighbors will be green with envy as you throw your exquisite parties and you wallow in pride).
  • Comfortable sofas, soft luxury deep carpets, surround sound 60 inch Plasma HD TV, Blu-Ray DVD system, State of the art music system, beautiful kitchen, marble bathroom, landscape garden…
And what about parking your shiny new luxury car in the driveway?
Imagine driving out in to the country on a warm summers day…
You Can Probably:
  • …almost smell the freshness of the upholstery…
  • …feel the soft leather of the steering wheel in tour hands…
  • …hear the music in your ears from your CD / iPod stereo as you sink back in to your soft leather seat.
Well you can do all these things. It’s really possible.
OK Jonathan, All Sounds Great, So What Do I Do Next?
Well, firstly let me put your mind immediately at rest because you’re worried that this is going to cost you a small fortune. After all I can easily be paid up to $37.000 just for ONE On-Demand Niche Product and Web site… and you have an opportunity in the next few seconds to have secret access to, not one, but at least
12 of these On-Demand Cash Machines.

And of course, they pay me so well because each pack is like a ready-made business in itself. The products have been developed, filmed, recorded and/or written… and artwork and graphics have been designed… master copies duplicated… subject matter fully researched… web site designed… web sales letter written… Worldwide licence secured… EVERYTHING! It’s… all supplied to them completely ready-to-go literally saving them tens of thousands of Dollars and many months of work.

However, despite this, you can really STOP WORRYING and put away your life savings because not only will you be covered by my GUARANTEE but I’m not going to ask for anything like $37.000. Or even anything like the thousands of pounds I know for an absolute fact that those I supply these kind of products to would charge you.
You see with the
Product Academy
“Six-Figure Insider's Club"
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay $997.00 for a Workshop…
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay $697.00 for a Seminar…
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay $997.00 for a Worldwide licence…
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay $697.00 for a for my Personal Mentoring and Support…
  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay me Royalties and Comissions for every dollar you make or every product you sell…
  • In fact, there are NO Lengthy Legal Contracts…
  • No Huge expenses…
  • No High Franchise Type Fees to pay either…
Instead, as long as you are happy with those two favours I mentioned earlier, all I ask for is a small fair and reasonable figure that basically covers a small part of my costs for which, if you remember in return… Remember…
"The Six-Figure Insider's Club"
Private Members Area Your own private members area where you can get access to the content and start profiting almost immediately.

A Niche Product DVD SET- Each month for a Year I’ll Give You Access To One Of These Ready-Made Fully Researched And Developed $20,000 - $30,000 On-Demand Niche Products… Products which would cost you $15,000 to put together yourself and A LOT of time.
A Niche Product DVD SET- Each month for a Year I’ll Give You Access To One Of These Ready-Made Fully Researched And Developed $20,000 - $30,000 On-Demand Niche Products… Products which would cost you $15,000 to put together yourself and A LOT of time.
Mini Website For Each DVD Set- I’ll Provide You With The Little One Page Automated Websites That Go With Them… the Little Cash Machines as I like to call them... complete with sales text…
I’ll NOT release them to ANY of the major players. Furthermore. I have a really, really great way to ensure there is virtually zero competition for any product you decide to use anyway…
Product Academy Software - Mobile lead – Mobile lead enables you to build your list on the world’s largest platform Facebook.
Product Academy Training-This will include all the training you need to get started straight away.
Social Media Marketing eBook to make Getting Traffic a breeze – (How to ‘Get All the Traffic You’ll Ever Need From Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and more -- to get those all-important customer’s eyeballs on your ‘No Brainer’ offer.
Monthly Marketing Magazine News - (Packed with Amazing Articles and Magazine Tips and Tricks to accelerate your Business – by keeping up with the latest trends and breaking news – you can relax knowing you’ll always have the latest industry updates.
Worldwide Licence- I’ll supply you with the Worldwide Licence for

EVERY Niche Product With Website I send You… the kind of licences which would normally cost thousands of dollars each…
Product Academy Agency: Offer Social Media Services and get paid High Ticket reoccurring income. This is your opportunity to Manage other people’s Social Media Accounts and Offer a Unique In Demand Niche Services and get paid for it. Contact blog owners and offer to create Professional Lead Magnets for their best blogs (This is a brand new service, were getting great results. You can also create lead magnets to build your list.
In essence, I’ll give you SECRET ACCESS through the back door to the products which those Multi-Millionaires you read about only usually have access to. Access into a world which is generally just a closed shop which the gurus never tell you about, but which you have to be banking a million Plus just to get in…
In fact, I will supply you with and give you access to ALL this:
For just $297.00 to get you started in month 1 and $297.00 per month for each monthly ready-to-go on-demand product pack and website thereafter.

Of course, there is NO OBLIGATION to go past month 1 and you can stop at any time.

If you find for example, that your Golf DVD site does very well and has really ‘taken off’ you can opt to halt the arrival of the next monthly package until you are ready, it’s your call.

You can have 1 or 12 months’ worth… simply cancel when you wish to. However, saying that, once you have 2 or 3 websites open for business, pulling in the money, you’ll probably want to keep opening new ones – bringing in new ‘cash machines’ online month after month.
And If That Wasn’t Enough I’ll Even GUARANTEE It…
Quite simply I want you to be happy about working with me. Actually, it’s quite important because it has to work both ways. There is a significant income to be made for me further down the line on the joint venture I mentioned which I hope to do with you using your new customer list that you generate with the little niche websites. So, it’s in my interests to make sure you basically make money.
So, here’s what I’d like to do. I’ll give you 30 DAYS … that’s 4 WEEKS… to study the package. If within that time you decide, for whatever reason that it’s not something that you want to pursue, that’s fine.

Just get back to me through my support desk and I’ll give you a FULL AND IMDIATE NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND!
In fact, as a thank you for at least considering my offer I’LL EVEN LET YOU KEEP the first month’s Ebook Theme package with my compliments.
Which just leaves me to say now that it’s over to you…
Product Academy
“Six-Figure Insider's Club"
…I can genuinely show you a fantastic way to make a living and lead the kind of lifestyle you may have only previously dreamed of. I can show you what has to be the simplest way to make a consistently high income of at least $5,000.00 AND UP TO $40,000.00 PER MONTH PROFIT with very little effort.

I do it and so do the people I supply these products to… individuals who are making absolute fortunes in cash from this business.

And I know who these individuals are… and precisely what they’re banking… because I’m one of the people who actually supply them with their products. The one contact they will NEVER tell you about.

This is a unique opportunity for you. The FIRST AND ONLY TIME you’ll have ever been offered access in to a world which I know is usually closed to ‘outsiders’.

So before you make a decision, just think about what having an extra $5,000.00 TO $40,000.00PER MONTH IN CASH could mean to your life.
Indeed, it’s just such a great feeling having your Paypal account flood with cash… switching your computer on to see
that $5,041.67 has arrived in your account overnight.
Have a look at what these marketers
have to say about the money and lifestyle they make online
"I have gotten to see the Product Academy and Jonathan and his team have it out of the park. It combines so many of the things you need to build a profitable business the right way and do it in a beautiful and attractive way.

Very impressive and the value is tremendous. Awesome stuff Jonathan!!"
-John J Rancine
"This is a great collection videos that you can sell and keep 100% of the profit and build a huge list!

Jonathan has thought of everything with this one.

The possibilities are endless and my mind is spinning as to how many things I can do with this prod-uct.

And…you won’t believe the price!

He throws you a huge bonus as well, as all of comes with Reseller rights!"
-Tammy Homegardner
"Product Academy is a unique multipurpose program that ca-ters for every situation your business.

What sets it apart from the other products out there is the amazing service blog own-ers (Magazines,Ebooks & Newsletters) which can be used as offers to persuade visitors to part with their email addresses — I have never seen anything like this before

-William Hurt
Think about what I said before… and what it could mean to your own life and that of your family’s.
You could give up ‘working’ forever! Forget the 9 to 5 routine for the rest of your life. As I said, once this is up and running, wouldn’t you like to go into the office, shop, factory or wherever you work, hand in your notice and walk out without a care in the world?

You could take yourself on a 5-STAR LUXURY HOLIDAY… in fact, several every year. Maybe, as I described earlier, taking a WORLD CRUISE aboard a luxury liner such as the Queen Elizibeth, A cruise which would see you enjoying your voyage in your own lavish state suite with private ocean view balcony.
Or maybe you’d jet off to the Maldives for a couple of weeks staying in your own luxury lagoon water villa complete with your own boat. Imagine just putting your feet up and relaxing on your day bad on the deck…

…the sun warming your body… the sky clear blue with only the odd wispy cloud passing by overhead… and with the sound of the clear turquoise waters gently lapping against your villa. NOT a care in the world… no worries… no stress… no hasstle… just absolute bliss.
Or maybe at some point, rather than holidaying to exotic destinations, you can use the profits you make to move abroad to a warmer climate with a beautiful home or villa complete with swimming pool and sea view. A place perhaps to give your family a fresh, new, wonderful start in life.
Or how about buying that 6 bedroomed detached house in the country with a couple of acheres of landscaped gardens and even your own home cinema room. With, of course, the kind of luxury car you’ve always dreamed about parked outside. Maybe a Bently or an Aston Martin. Imagine how proud you’d feel… and how proud your family would be. Well as I pointed out:
You can do all these things…
It really is possible. I’ve been to their Million Dollar + Houses. I’ve been driven in their Bentley’s and Aston Martins. I’ve even swum in their swimming pools and sat in their home cinemas.
    And They’re all making their money from simple On-Demand Niche products and those little cash machines…
    The one-page AUTOMATED websites which basically do all the work.
    • Products that they DON’T have to keep in stock.
    • Customers that they DON’T have to Deal with Face to Face.
    • Web Sites Which Are Already Made For Them And Run AUTOMATICALLY.
    • Products They DON’T even duplicate or post themselves to their customers.
    Remember, I have personally also gone from scratch to having all the things I wanted such as the Luxury car I recently bought myself… I paid off all my debts… I travel FIRST CLASS and stay in 5 Star Deluxe Hotels… I’ve easily taken over $3/4 MILLION DOLLARS IN YEAR!
    Indeed, once set-up the little cash machine web sites virtually run themselves leaving you with some really easy admin work to do and not much more.
    I know you’ll love this ‘work’ too. Think about it. You set up one of these ready-made websites… perform some very simple tasks online… then just snap the laptop shut… walk away and leave to quietly ticking away.
    Later you fire up the laptop again and find $5,250.55 had moved in to your online account… you then log off and leave it for another few days before firing it up again to check and this time another $7,576.25 had been placed into your account by your little automated website and you’ve done VIRTUALLY NOTHING for it.
    After your initial set-up you have basically left your computer well alone for days and don’t check in at all. The business simply ticks away in the background.

    And it’s doing this while you sleep… while you eat… while you go for a beautiful walk… go off shopping… play a round of golf… go off for a couple of weeks in the sun… whatever you do.
    It’s a great lifestyle… one you CAN enjoy…
    and it begins by simply securing access to this world now…
    And for $297.00 to get started… and with even that being covered by a SECURE 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE… you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOOSE.
    So make that decision now, by clicking the button here
    and getting your 30 day review copy of
    the Product Academy "Six-Figure Insider's Club" .
    Please note, you get the entire pack in your hands to review for a full 30 days in order for you to make the decision. If you do decide that it’s not for you, all you need to do is let me know within 30 days by contacting my help desk (PUT EMAIL HERE)################ and you will be refunded every penny.
    I’ll refund your $297.00 in full and you owe me nothing further. And I’ll even let you
    Do it now – Click that buy button
    and I promise that your digital pack will be waiting for you in the members area ready to be uploaded to the Fulfillment centre.
    So that means you can have your first website up and running by the end of the day ready to begin making you money!
    Finally I’d like to just end by sincerely thanking you for taking the time to read my letter…
    I appreciate that because I know you probably receive lots of different offers every day…
    I certainly do. However I think that you’ll find this one very different from anything you’ve seen before.
    You have my best wishes ,
    Jonathan Oshevire
    P.S. Remember, you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE by at least taking a look as you’re covered by my 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!
    P.P.S. In fact, even if you decide it’s not for you, I’ll let you keep the Full Quick-Start Package with my compliments.

    P.P.P.S. Finally, please remember. My Partner – Mr X and I are the individuals that those Millionaires you read about get their on-demand products from. The person they NEVER tell you about. Now I’m releasing this information and BRAND NEW READY-TO-GO—ON-DEMAND PRODUCTS... products which are NOT available to the general public.
    Frequently asked questions:
    What rights do I have?
    You can resell everything apart from the automated websites themselves, the software and the traffic guide.
    When do I get access?
    You will be given access to your private members area as soon as you have payed.
    Is there a guarantee ?
    Yes there is a full 30 day guarantee and you can stop any time you like during the 12 months.
    What happens after 12 months?
    The members area, licence, and all the content will still be available for you to access – there is no time limit – this is a lifetime access opportunity.